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Use Pane Bros. for your next window cleaning project in Chicago and you’ll see the difference in results and efficiencies. Whether by bicycle (yep, bikes) or car, Pane Bros. crews are equipped with the very latest in window cleaning technology to handle your commercial or residential window cleaning needs.

What Is Window Washing Technology?

What happened to a simple bucket and squeegee? Can water alone really can clean your windows? The answer is YES!! The simple explanation is this. Deionized water works because both the window and frames are scrubbed with a wet brush to agitate the surface area and loosen dirt. Then the surface areas are rinsed with highly purified deionized water. Since the water is filtered and 100% pure, it leaves no streaking or marks when it dries.

If you have ever used the “Spot Free Rinse” at your car wash, it’s very similar to that – just 100 TIMES BETTER!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Pane Bros. specializes in providing affordable and professional window cleaning services throughout the Chicagoland area. Pane Bros. uses Pure Water Cleaning Systems to insure efficiency and premium results. Whether it’s the city or the suburbs, from storefronts to office buildings, our experienced crews are ready to work with you on enhancing your property’s image.

For customers with multiple locations seeking routing service with reoccurring frequencies, Pane Bros. is experienced in structuring schedules to accommodate your needs and budget.

Storefront Maintenance

Pane Bros. offers a comprehensive solution towards maintaining your Chicagoland company’s curb appeal. If you operate out of a storefront location, you understand that your business’s appearance is a part of your branding. Pane Bros. not only provides window cleaning services, but also offers expert awning cleaning, walkway cleaning and gum removal.

We also can repair damaged glass surfaces due to acid etching or scratching.

Residential Window Cleaning

Your family’s home is your most valuable asset. The team at Pane Bros. understands this and takes every step to insure that we provide you with the best results possible. Providing both interior and exterior window washing, Pane Bros. can help improve the view of your home, while also enhancing the view out of your home.

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